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Community engagement

As a responsible company, FCC Environment is committed to open and transparent consultation with all its stakeholders. It is important to FCC ENVIRONMENT that the local communities living near to its wind energy projects are fully informed throughout each stage of the development process.

Community Engagement

At an early stage, FCC Environment takes active steps to ensure it fully understands the views of the local community. As part of this communication process the company holds public information days at each of its proposed development sites. This provides an opportunity for members of the public to find out more about the proposed development plans and ask any questions they may have.

FCC Environment representatives are on hand at the information days to answer questions, to listen to the public’s views and take on board their comments. A range of information on wind energy is also available and FCC ENVIRONMENT produces a project newsletter with specific information on each of its proposed sites. The newsletters can be picked up at the exhibitions and are also available to download here.

FCC Environment is committed to establishing community benefit schemes within the areas in which its wind energy development projects are located. In line with Renewable UK's Community Benefit Protocol, launched in February 2011, FCC Environment will be looking to help set up community funds and pay in £1,000 per year per megawatt of installed capacity, for the lifetime of each of its wind farms. This would be available to fund projects that benefit the communities that surround the site. Already many communities around FCC Environment’s existing landfill sites have benefited from funding through the Landfill Communities Fund, which is administered by the environmental body Waste Recycling Environmental (WREN). This funding equated to over £13 million across 390 projects in 2010 alone. 

FCC Environment will, whenever appropriate, use local companies during the development and construction phases to ensure that its wind energy projects have a positive effect on the local economy and employment. 

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