Green Energy

Dispelling the myths

Myth: Wind turbines reduce nearby house prices
Fact: Recent UK studies show no clear relationship between the proximity of wind turbines and property prices.

Myth: Wind turbines are noisy.
Fact: Advances in wind turbine technology mean noise levels are difficult to detect or inaudible at distances to housing prescribed by planning guidelines.

Myth: Wind speeds vary, so wind turbines need ‘back up capacity’ from traditional energy sources.
Fact: Reports have concluded that large amounts of wind energy capacity on the system need relatively small amounts of back up. In addition, traditional energy sources require back up capacity too!

Myth: Wind power developments use more energy than they generate.
Fact: Modern wind turbines pay back the energy used in manufacture within 2 – 10 months depending on the wind speed of the site and the type of turbine used.

Myth: Wind farms have a negative effect on tourism.
Fact: A Scottish Government commissioned report in 2008 showed that wind farm developments have a minimal impact on tourism.

Myth: Wind energy developments rely on Government subsidies.
Fact: The planning and construction of UK wind energy developments are financed entirely with private capital, no matter what the costs are.

Myth: Denmark has stopped building wind farms.
Fact: Currently around 20% of Denmark’s electricity is supplied by wind power, with the Danish government setting out plans to meet 50% of its electricity needs with wind energy by 2025.

Source: renewableUK (formerly named BWEA)

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