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FCC Environment re-established the Eastcroft Community Liaison Group (CLG) which met for the first time in its present form on 20th April 2010 and meets on a regular quarterly basis.

The CLG aims to provide an ongoing forum for discussion between interested parties and FCC Environment regarding Eastcroft. The group provides an opportunity for community representatives and stakeholders to raise community issues and feedback FCC Environment's response to the local community. It also provides a forum for FCC Environment to share information about Eastcroft. The CLG does not have an enforcement or decision-making role. You can download the Terms of Reference for the CLG here.

The CLG is made up of local councillors, representatives of local environmental groups, representatives of local residents groups, interested local residents, the Environment Agency and EnviroEnergy Ltd. If you are interested in joining the CLG please contact us here

The agreed meeting report and presentations from the September 2011 meeting can be downloaded using the links below:

Agreed Meeting Report - September 2011

Eastcroft Operational Update Presentation

You can access previously agreed meeting reports using the links below:

Agreed Meeting Report - July 2011

Agreed Meeting Report - April 2011

Agreed Meeting Report – January 2011

Agreed Meeting Report – September 2010

Agreed Meeting Report – July 2010

Agreed Meeting Report – April 2010

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