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Greatmoor Energy From Waste Facility

Our Partnership

FCC Environment and Buckinghamshire County Council have entered into a 30 year partnership to deliver residual waste treatment and transfer infrastructure for the duration of the contract.

An Energy from Waste (EfW) facility has been developed at Greatmoor in the north of Buckinghamshire which allows up to 300,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste per year to be diverted from landfill and instead enter a treatment process to generate power.

For more information the please visit the dedicated Greatmoor website here.

Update 3rd Nov 2015: Steam Blow Public Statement

The Greatmoor Energy from Waste Facility is currently in the commissioning phase of the development. As part of the commissioning of the facility, it is necessary to commence a process called ‘steam blowing’ in the near future. The purpose of this activity is to clean the inside of the boiler tubes ahead of full operation of the plant for hot commissioning testing.

There will be two steam blows per day each with a duration of approximately 15 minutes. These will occur around 7am and 6pm. During this time, residents may hear a loud noise similar to rushing air. A silencer is fitted to minimise noise as far as possible. A plume of water vapour will be visible as the steam condenses in the cooler air external to the facility. The main output from the steam blowing process is water vapour with early steam blows having a reddish brown tint due to oxidisation. The Environment Agency are aware of this activity and the control measures put in place by FCC and our contractors HZI.

Steam blowing will occur until the boiler is sufficiently cleaned for commissioning to continue. This is likely to be between 10 and 20 days. Any concerns in relation to this process should be directed to 02032273436 or

About Greatmoor EfW

FCC Environment was awarded planning permission for an Energy from Waste (EfW) facility at Greatmoor (near Calvert) in July 2012.

Construction commenced on 11th September 2013.

Once operational, Greatmoor EfW will thermally treat up to 300,000 tonnes of residual household and commercial waste each year and, as a result, will generate approximately 22 megawatts of electricity (a significant proportion of which will be from renewable sources) for export to the local grid.  This is sufficient to meet the energy demands of up to 36,000 homes.

Further, an additional benefit is the new access road from the A41 to the facility, which became operational in September 2014, which requires all 75 ton vehicles to the EfW and landfill to use this entrance.  Resulting in a significant reduction in HGV vehicles through Calvert Green.

High Heavens (High Wycombe)

The new High Heavens Waste Transfer Station (WTS), built at the existing site in Booker, High Wycombe is completed ready for waste deliveries for the commissioning of Greatmoor Energy from Waste (EfW) facility. 

High Heavens WTS will manage Buckinghamshire’s household waste as well as waste from the household waste recycling centres in the county (HWRC). Waste received at High Heavens WTS will be bulked for transportation to Greatmoor EfW facility to produce energy, saving tax payers more than £150 million over the life of the contract.

Bulking waste at High Heavens WTS will allow greater volumes to be moved using fewer vehicles, further improving environmental performance and reducing the overall volume of waste traffic movements.  It has been purpose built to meet the County’s requirements while HWRC customers visiting the existing High Heavens site also benefit from the improved road access.

All waste loading and unloading operations at High Heavens WTS will take place inside the building – no noise impact is expected and the facility has been designed to prevent dust and odours escaping.

To mark construction completion, staff planted a very special traditional Buckinghamshire apple tree of the Reverend W.Wilks variety.

A planning application for the second waste transfer station at London Road (Amersham) is currently being considered. 

These facilities will bulk residual municipal and commercial waste for onward transportation to Greatmoor EfW, reducing the amount of ‘waste miles’ travelled within the county.

Press Release click here. 

Who are FCC Environment

FCC Environment, a leading UK waste management and energy recovery company, is part of FCC, the international environmental services, infrastructure and energy group.

FCC Environment’s business focus is the delivery of integrated waste management solutions to meet national, regional and local needs for the local authorities and commercial companies.  The company operates facilities for the reception, recycling, disposal and recovery of value from waste, and also manages a wide range of recycling sites on behalf of local authorities for use by the general public.

What is being Constructed

FCC Environment has been successful in securing Buckinghamshire County Council’s long term (30 year) residual waste treatment contract.  To fulfil the requirements of this contract, FCC Environment’s solution for the management of Buckinghamshire’s residual waste comprises two main elements.

1. The development of an Energy from Waste (EfW) facility on our site at Greatmoor (near Calvert) for the thermal treatment of residual waste, including a new access road from the A41.

2. The development of waste transfer stations (WTS) at High Heavens (High Wycombe) and London Road (Amersham)


What involvement does the local community have?

A Community Liaison Group (CLG) for Greatmoor EfW has been established which will be a forum for the dissemination of information on the project to local Parish Councils.

FCC Environment is committed to maintaining open channels of communication; please click here to see the latest minutes from the meeting.

FCC Environment has also established a CLG for High Heavens. Please click here to see the latest minutes from the meeting.

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