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Health & Safety Commitment

We are very pleased to have received our Health & Safety pledge certificate for the European Health & Safety week this year

Health and safety pledge certificate

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Health and Safety Commitment

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FCC Environment has an ongoing commitment to health and safety in the workplace; we continue to review our processes and procedures and implement awareness programmes for all employees.  We are always looking to improve the way we manage health and safety.

Our view is simple: we never lose sight of the potential hazards that exist in the workplace.  The importance of keeping ourselves, our customers and our visitors safe while they are at work is at the centre of our business values.

You can view our health and safety policy below.

Health & Safety Policy

FCC Environment is on the leading Environmental Service providers in the UK.

FCC Environment are committed to achieving high performance throughout the business and needs to ensure compliance with all relevant Health & Safety legislation and other requirements to which FCC Environment subscribe to.

FCC Environment believe that all employees have a right to work in a safe and healthy environment, and intends to carry out our business without putting employees, or our visitors, health or physical well-being at risk by;

  • The common-sense management of Health & Safety, is the responsibility of the FCC Environment's board of directors and the executive committee, through to the appropriate management levels and every individual to ensure their own Health & Safety and that of their colleagues.
  • Providing suitable and sufficient information, instruction, training, supervision and monitoring to enable staff comply with this Health & Safety policy;
  • Providing a Safe and Healthy working environment, including the provision of safe use of; plant, equipment, systems of work and for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of materials and substances;
  • Consultation with, and involvement of the workforce in Health & Safety matters identified within the business;
  • Providing appropriate training to encourage an increased competency to assess and control the risks associated with work activities undertaken at FCC Environment premises or by FCC Environment personnel;
  • Providing analysis of all reported incidents and work related "ill health" occurrences, take appropriate action to prevent harm to staff, our neighbours and the public, to initiate appropriate incident reduction initiatives to continually reduce our incident rates;
  • Publishing a number of Health & Safety related objectives and targets for the business, based on the above analysis, which will be appropriately cascaded, for implementation in the business;
  • Providing appropriate policies to ensure that only competent contractors and suppliers are engaged by FCC Enviroment;

    Paul Taylor - Chief Executive Officer
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