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High Heavens Transfer Station

Planning Permission with accompanying legal agreements authorising the development of the Waste Transfer Station (WTS) at the High Heavens Waste Treatment Complex, near High Wycombe was issued to FCC Environment by Buckinghamshire County Council on 26th July 2012.

Planning Permission

All pre-commencement conditions have been addressed and the development of the WTS building and compound commenced in September 2014.

Improvements to the new site access road were completed in 2014 and the new hedgerow and trees near the new Clay Lane junction will be planted later in 2015.

Waste Transfer Stations are needed to reduce the distance waste is transported around the county, reducing the environmental impact of managing the waste and adhering to the proximity principle.

What is a Waste Transfer Station?

A Waste Transfer Station is a building where local waste collection vehicles deposit their cargo prior to it being loaded into larger bulker vehicles. The larger vehicles will transport the compacted waste to the end point of treatment at the Greatmoor Energy from Waste in the north of the County.

Why is the High Heavens Waste Transfer Station needed?

The High Heavens waste complex is close to the major sources of municipal waste in the High Wycombe area. The Waste Transfer Station will form part of Buckinghamshire’s integrated waste management system and will reduce the overall number of vehicles transporting waste around the county.

Where will the waste come from?

Waste arriving at the High Heavens Waste Transfer Station will primarily come from the Wycombe District Council area. It is expected that some commercial and industrial waste may originate from outside the county boundary although the high cost of haulage will limit the volumes of commercial waste imports

Why was this site chosen?

The site at High Heavens was identified for waste management because of its availability and position within the south of the county, close to urban areas and with good transport links.

The land was previously used for a car-breakers scrap yard, household waste recycling centre and before that, as a landfill site.

What consideration has been given to traffic impacts?

As part of the planning process, FCC Environment undertook a detailed traffic study to assess whether the local road network could accommodate the additional traffic generated by the proposed development.

The traffic study assessed peak hour traffic flows, highway and junction capacities and road safety issues. 

The assessment concluded that additional traffic generated by the WTS would not exceed existing highway capacity limits.

BCC Highways reviewed the planning application and did not object to the development.

As part of its operational management procedures and in compliance with a legal obligation, FCC will ensure strict routing agreements are applied to its own vehicles.

Waste collection from households is the responsibility of the District Councils and the use of local roads by refuse collection vehicles is anticipated to remain broadly the same.



 WTS operating hours

The hours of operation for the High Heavens Waste Transfer Station will not exceed:

Monday – Friday 7am-5pm;
Saturday 7am-12noon (deliveries from Bucks CC’s Household Waste Recycling Centres and not more than 10 HGV collections only);
Sunday 8am-12pm (Deliveries from Bucks CC's HWRC sites only);
No Bank Holidays;

The exception to the above times would be on Saturday following a Bank Holidays or following an unforeseen situation during the preceding week (such as adverse weather conditions) up to a maximum of 12 Saturdays per annum).

In these circumstances the following times would apply:

Hours of operation 8am-5pm
Permitted activity (after 12noon) - Deliveries from Bucks CC's HWRC sites, skip deliveries and HGV bulker collections only, plus local waste collection vehicles deliveries which would not arrive before 9am.



What will the visual impacts be?

The proposed Waste Transfer Station site is adjacent to an existing green waste composting operation and household waste recycling centre. Generally, views into the site are restricted due to the surrounding woodland and current activities. Supplemental tree and hedgerow planting will be provided in the first planting season following the completion of the building works.

Will the facility be noisy?

All unloading and loading operations will take place inside the building which, given the location of the WTS will mean that no noisy impacts are envisaged.

How will odour be controlled?

All activities will take place inside the Waste Transfer Station building and waste will not be stored in the facility for long periods of time.

For all FCC sites across the County, the Company maintains close working liaison with the Environment Agency to ensure all operations are undertaken in strict compliance with obligations under the Environmental Permit.

The Environment Agency regulates all waste related activities and has the power to suspend operations if activities create an environmental nuisance for local residents.

Progress by March 2015


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