Green Energy

Lincolnshire EFW Environmental Permit Application

Lincolnshire EfW - Application Form A
Lincolnshire EfW - Application Form B2
Lincolnshire EfW - Application Form B3
Lincolnshire EfW - Application Form F1
Lincolnshire EfW - Supporting Information V4
Report No. S1140-0300-0008ST1 v2 - Lincs EfW - EP Non Technical Summary
Report No. S1140-0320-0001 v1 - Operational Risk Appraisal (Opra) for Installations under EPR

Annex 1 - Site Drawings

Drawing No. 1140-007  Rev. A3 - Installation Boundary and Emission Points
Drawing No. 1140-009  Rev. A4 - Installation and EfW Boundary Drawing
Drawing No. 1140-010  Rev. A1 - Site Location Plan
Drawing No. 1140-011  Rev. A2 - Installation and Landfill PPC Boundary Drawing

Annex 2 - Site Condition Report

Report No. S1140-0300-0006JRS v3 - Lincolnshire EfW Site Condition

Appendix A - Centre Maps Report

CMAPS-CM-91224-14117-250811HIS  smallScale

Appendix B - Preliminary Ground Investigation Report

Report No. G31054/08ISAWfSB - Preliminary Ground Investigation Report

Annex 3 - Noise Assessment

Report No.  R11.0903/1/DRK - Noise Assessment for Proposed EfW & IBA Facility

Annex 4 - Environmental Risk Assessment

Report No. S1140-0320-0002JRS  Issue 5 - Lincolnshire EfW Environmental Risk Assessment
H1 Data

Annex 5 - Air Quality Assessment

Report No. S1140-0100-0004JLA  v3 - Lincolnshire EfW Air Quality Assessment
Report No. S1140-0300-0005PJF Issue 5 - Lincolnshire EfW Greenhouse Gas Assessment
Report No. S1140-0300-0007JRS v2 - Lincolnshire EfW Abnormal Emissions Assessment

Annex 6 - Bat Assessment

Report No. S1140-0300-0003PJF v2 - BAT Assessment

Annex 7 - Firing Diagram

Drawing No. 00-051030-P0010-v2 - Stoker Capacity Diagram



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